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How Governance Assurance Improves Project Delivery

Governance Assurance

Project delivery is an obstacle course

The best way to ensure your business’s longevity is to deliver. And that doesn’t just mean getting your projects done. We’ve all seen how poor quality, missed requirements and unmanaged or unexpected risk can render a so-called solution inappropriate or inherently unsuccessful.

Delivering is about surviving the obstacle course. Lack of organizational alignment, severely compressed schedules, inadequate planning, inexperienced resourcing, insufficient change management and convoluted decision-making are just a few of the barriers that can send your project off the rails. Governance assurance – taking a formal approach to managing risk and implementing sound corporate oversight – is the answer.

Independent governance assurance keeps you on track

Building a foundation for risk oversight via a governance-assurance implementation sounds daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are specific benefits to be gained from seeking support from a third party:

  • An independent review of your key projects can highlight gaps in your plan, your budget and your delivery capability

  • Consultants with deep project-delivery expertise in a variety of industries and markets can anticipate challenges and minimize unexpected surprises

  • Staffing your governance committee with an expert from outside your organization can give your stakeholders different perspectives and unbiased visibility into potential delivery pitfalls

  • A trusted outside advisor can be the voice that delivers the difficult messages needed to course-correct project slippage, without the fear of how stakeholders will react

Any project of substantive size can benefit from assistance with governance assurance. And don’t be let fears about cost stop you from engaging an expert. In 2016, the Project Management Institute reported that for every one billion invested in the United States, $122 million was wasted due to lacking project performance. To avoid contributing to that waste from your organizations own pockets, governance assurance is a definitely a worthwhile investment.

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