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About Us

Decades of experience leading technology and product teams for companies of various sizes may have armed us with a unique perspective, but it's our passion for helping others that drives us. 

We are always interested in helping great people find meaningful projects.  If you are interested in working with us, please express interest by filling in this form.


To enable people and organizations to achieve more by providing them with best practices and insights based in data-driven research.


Authenticity: We provide direct recommendations leveraging quantitative measures supported by qualitative or anecdotal evidence

Reliability: We are always there for those who need us. We answer calls and emails in a timely fashion, we deliver on what’s expected of us and are accountable to the timelines we set.

Excellence: We are curious, lifelong learners focused on continuous improvements.

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Mitch Johnstone

Mitch is a serial entrepreneur who has worked extensively with start-ups as well as billion-dollar companies across Canada. He is a CFA charter holder and holds a Masters of Management in Artificial Intelligence from Queen's University. Mitch is passionate about making work better for everyone and teaching data science teams how to work together to achieve their goals. 

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Shelley Lineham
(Vision Mover, Curator, Conductor)

Shelley is a Product executive with significant expertise in large-scale transformation, technology delivery, and AI strategy. 

With over 25 years of professional experience leading product and technology teams with global organizations as well as hyper-growth startups, she is passionate about helping individuals and teams achieve their aspirational goals. 

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Shelley Lineham

Amanda (Holmes) Hughes
(Communicator, Action Former)

Amanda is a Product Operations and Controls expert with active experience managing, tracking and achieving complex deliverables across diverse, cross-functional teams.

She has successfully helped global organizations pass internal and external technology audits and has helped hyper-growth startups implement processes critical to obtaining SOC II and ISO 27001 compliance. She is passionate about helping teams become high performing and reach aspirational goals. She helps to establish best practices for product management and brings a level of organization and efficiency to the delivery that is unmatched.

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Magda Bienkowska
(Curator, Conductor, Communicator)

Magda is a seasoned expert in the legal field, with a focus on deploying cutting-edge legal technologies, including AI, to streamline workflows and elevate service quality and efficiency. With a track record of piloting emerging technologies, she is at the forefront of innovation, continuously seeking avenues for process improvement. She often serves as a subject matter expert on assessing and developing policies for using various SaaS and AI platforms considering organizational risk tolerance. She is dedicated to continuous learning and skill development.

Magda is passionate about understanding client needs, challenges and goals, and is committed to vetting and recommending innovative solutions to achieve thier ambitious goals.

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