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From doomed to delivered: 4 ways to use your IT data more effectively

Complexity – it’s the hallmark and hazard of business today. As many organizations struggle just to maintain results, let alone grow, their targets and tactics have become more complex. It’s often the job of IT to decode that complexity – to make systematic what is messy; to bring ease and reliability to things that are unpredictable.

It’s no wonder, that a 2016 study by the Project Management Institute found that 75% of IT executives think their project is doomed from the start. It turns out that enabling ease is difficult and trying to adapt to an ever-shifting global marketplace can feel overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be. At cShell Consulting, we’ve translated our deep knowledge of IT operations and front-line project management expertise into a series of proven tools and strategies for helping mid-sized organizations improve delivery.

Our four-step approach is simple:

1. Identify clear priorities

2. Determine your ability to deliver

3. Set appropriate expectations

4. Measure your progress and adapt

Think this is all easier said than done? Our models make it easy to gather and analyze your available IT data so that you can understand your capabilities and develop forward-looking strategies. We enable you to assess with clarity the strengths and weaknesses of your team’s execution blueprint, ultimately increasing your likelihood of success.

Our mission is to empower you to plan for success from day one of any new project, and teach you to manage your IT organization beyond scope, time and budget.

Ask yourself if your team is appropriately sized and skilled to deliver your current or upcoming projects. If your answer is anything but an immediate and confident Yes, let us help you.

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