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cShell advocates risk-based decision-making to achieve real results in business and in life. We help start-ups boost productivity and profitability. We help individuals plot new paths to success. Whether it’s defining your AI strategy or initiating a career change, we help you make the most of your next bold move.   

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As part of our company’s guest speaker series, we were grateful to have Shelley share her relatable stories, learning experiences and adaptable strategies with our employees. After hearing her first presentation on Communicating your Business Value and how well our audience received it, we had to invite Shelley back for a second time! Shelley's empathy and humor allowed her to connect with employees and encouraged the audience to embrace a confident new outlook on their professional value. Following her presentations, Shelley provided additional resources and encouraged GD employees to reach out and continue the conversation.

General Dynamics IT

Shelley is able to take complex issues and questions and simplify them in a way that drives incremental decision-making, laying out various options and clearly highlighting multiple scenarios and contingencies. In addition, she has tremendous people leadership skills and communicates effectively at all levels of the organization, from the C-Suite to the front-line delivery teams.

Shawnie, VP Sales Operations - Energy

Shelley has been a go-to resource when it comes to large-scale delivery, especially that of a transformative nature, which requires a balanced and adaptable approach for execution. Her blend of business and technical skills allows her to build technology roadmaps and plans that are easily understood by non-technical executives and clearly align to business objectives. Her ability to frame the right conversations with fact-based evidence to support informed decision-making at the highest levels makes her someone I have no hesitation recommending.

Paul, CEO - Energy & Utilities

Shelley opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about my own business and I've seen a 50% increase in revenue in the first 6 months!

Mandy - Entrepreneur

I initially connected with Shelley in order to gain insight from her expertise and leadership experience in the energy industry. Our first conversation was during a pivotal career transition for me. I was inspired to take part in Shelley’s mentorship program after learning how she proactively charted her own career path. Her advice was refreshing and relevant, and her life design tools advanced my level of self-inquiry. I adopted a more balanced, holistic approach in how I think about my future. I have greater confidence and clarity in my decision-making. The program was an excellent investment in my future happiness.

Clare - Mentoring client

Shelley has helped me achieve more in every single aspect of my life with tips and tricks, and real, long-lasting, sustainable transformation.

Alexia - Mentoring client

Requesting Shelley to be my mentor was one of the best decisions I made. After every mentoring session, I would walk away feeling refreshed and strong. Shelley has an open mind and wisdom that truly helped me view career and life from different angles. She is a fantastic combination of inspiration, pragmatism and intelligence. I am truly honored to have come across someone like Shelley and highly recommend her.

Subrina - Mentoring client


Text or call: 647-524-6405

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